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  1. awwww-cute:

Ready for Halloween


    Ready for Halloween

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  2. Ugh you guys what is this homework bullshit

    more like, why did I decide to take the afternoon off yesterday and then still manage to get nothing done ~huzzah~ although to be fair I couldn’t deal with the moron contingent of the class yesterday, and I felt much better today as a result of not doing anything, but dammit, now I have to actually do the work I’ve been putting off.

    I am an idiot and life is hard and I hate busywork group learning projects and my inability to write a two-page paper. this is ridiculous.

    someone give me a hug and a smack upside the laziness. Please.

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  4. phoenix-falls:

    No sugardaddies. No sugar mamas. No sugarbabies. Full socialism in romantic relationships. There are only sugarcomrades.

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